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My 17-year-old male, Ipsie

My 17-year-old male, Ipsie

My “kids” are my cats.

But they’re worse than children. They rule the household. I had to install a magnetic cat door so I didn’t have to get up 10 times every night to let the cat in or out. I even installed a second one in my office, so I wouldn’t… but don’t you know it, they’d still rather have me open the door.

You’ve probably seen the cat watch that has no numbers, simply Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Play, Sleep, Eat, etc. I would add to that–“Lap-time: Five minutes before the human plans to get up out of his or her chair.”

The Jellicle Cat, Jelli or Jelli-belly

The Jellicle Cat, Jelli or Jelli-belly

My two are as different as night and day. The older male cat is small, quiet, and has a tendency to curl up in a ball. The female is a “talker,” very friendly, and sprawls. My husband calls her “Ethel Merman,” because she is big, loud and obnoxious. (Apologies to E. Merman fans.)

Probably the funniest commercial I’ve ever seen was the one aired during the Super Bowl a few years ago about the cat-herders. That’s what I feel like some days.



At one time my dad had about 20 cats on the ranch in eastern Montana. This photo is of a couple of kittens playing in his boots. He was quite fond of his “herd.” In the winter he would even cook pancakes for them. I’ve often wished I had a video of him, carrying the pan of flapjacks across the yard, a line of cats following him as if he were the Pied Piper, their tails all straight up in the air like flags.

When he moved to Arizona with my brother and family, he had to leave his cats behind. I think he missed them.

This post is in honor of Dad’s birthday Nov. 9, 1924-April 1, 2006.

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    I know you love cats, and some of the pictures are adorable. Your Dad’s cat story, cats hiding in his boots, and your father making pancakes for them, is moving. It must be etched in your memory as you remember him on his birthday.


  2. Heidi, It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference. Didn’t know you were a cat lover. We have only one but she’s a real spoiled pussy cat. My husband’s fault, however. Whatever she wants, she gets. And she’s good at letting us know. If we don’t get it right away, she leaps in the air next to us, all four feet spread like a wild cat on the attack and squawls. Thanks for the super photos of your “kids.”

  3. > You’ve probably seen the cat watch that has no numbers, simply Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Play, Sleep, Eat

    Yes I have seen that watch and have been trying to find it for years! Any idea where to find it?

  4. What a great blog site you have, Heidi! I love the photos of the cats.

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