The Cowgirls Are Here!

dreams-1-5-x-2The cowgirls have arrived! My first novel, Cowgirl Dreams, is a dream come true for me. It’s been a long ride, with many spills, but I learned to get back on that bronc and try it again.

I kept hearing it over and over. Perseverance is key. Don’t give up. Keep submitting, keep learning, keep improving your craft. And it is true.

When I began submitting my novel manuscripts (I have three more now in various stages of writing and revision), I decided I would TRY to collect 100 rejections. I’d heard that many now-famous authors had received that many or more before being published. (For example, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach received 140 rejections.) That way, I could soften the sting of a rejection by telling myself, “It’s just one ‘no’ closeer to a ‘yes.'” Rejection is difficult, no matter how you look at it, but that “collection” did help. I did collect 35 “no thanks” and two “yes, we’d love to but can’t right now, so feel free to submit it elsewhere.” Finally, I found Lee Emory at Treble Heart Books, and now I am a published author.

delightIt feels good.

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  1. Congrats! Good for you to persevere! I want to read your book! Where can I find it? I am in the middle of “Starting From Scratch- the adventures of a Lady Dude Rancher” about Alice Gleason from the Circle 8 Guest Ranch and I love it!
    It has always been my dream to be a writer and publish a book someday, ever since I was 7 years old. I have started many novels and a children’s book….but don’t know where to begin to start the next step!

  2. Have a happy birthday tomorrow, Aunt Heidi!!! I love the photo of you surrounded by your book.

    Love Laura and Zoe

  3. Heidi:

    I’m everso sorry for getting your birthday wrong. I don’t really like to point a finger at anyone but it’s actually my mother’s fault. She told me the wrong date.

    I have been told that your birthday is actually on December 10th. I will make sure that I put that in my 2008 calendar.

    We hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    Laura and Zoe

  4. Once you get to the point of celebrating you 20th annual 39th birthday, I think it isn’t quite as big a deal to celebrate on “the day” any more. Since mine was on Wednesday this year, my husband will take me out to dinner on Saturday after my book launch party. That’ll be a very nice celebration! Thanks for remembering anyway!

  5. Mrs. Thomas’ book is an absolutely wondeful read. Whether you are a “Montanian”, a horse person, a young adult or teen fighting the battles of rules, this book will warm you inside. The story line takes us from Nettie’s 15th birthday, through rebellion against her mother, the loss of her baby sister to killer flu, her first bucking steer ride in a rodeo to learning what the strange feelings inside were when she met and worked with Jake, who she called her broad shouldered, slim hipped cowboy.

    I’m not a horse person, but the vivid descriptions of Nettie sailing over pastures and hills on her horses put me right there.

    To experience the courage of this young woman as she challenges the 1920’s world of rodeos re-ignites the determination I, myself, had as a young girl.

    Riding and roping steers, riding bucking broncos and winning, well, as Nettie said.

    “I’ll show ’em.”

    And she did!

    This book definitely will not disappoint.

  6. Well Yippee! It’s finally here! I cannot wait to read it! Good luck and much success with your new “baby”.
    And thanks for thinking of me for your ‘SCRAP’ award! I’m humbled by your exciting scraps…but I’ll try!

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