Honest Scrap Award

honest_award_blackI’ve had the dubious honor of being the recipient of the Honest Scrap Award, wherein I’m obliged to share ten honest scraps of information about myself. Thanks, Gwyn Ramsey!

Well, here goes:

1. I grew up on a 6,000-acre ranch in eastern Montana.

2. My first newspaper experience was a little tabloid I did in grade school entitled the “Sagebrush Saga.”

3. My first horse’s name was Money. He didn’t last long (he bucked).

4. My second was Strawberry. I had him for many years.

5. I attended a one-room country school and when I started first grade, there were four kids in the entire school.

6. I attended high school in a town 35 miles away and lived in a dormitory during the week.

7. We first got electricity when I was age six.

8. Our first indoor bathroom was installed when I was a junior in high school.

9. I once sang in Carnegie Hall with Sweet Adelines.

10. My mother was a German “war bride.”

So, now I have the honor of bestowing the Honest Scrap Award on seven others. I’ve crowned the following fine fellow bloggers–check out their websites and see what they have to say.

Mary Trimble

Carol Buchanan

Janet Oakley

Heidi the Hick

Cindy, Every Cowgirl’s Dream

Jennifer, Run Horse, Run

Barbara, Vaquero Girl

Thanks to all my friends and acquaintances for all of your wonderful comments, encouragement and support. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Lol, Heidi! I can’t wait for you to write a story based upon your own life – I’m dying to hear more about the Carnegie Hall gig!


  2. Wow! Such interesting facts about your life. I agree — you better be writing down some of your own stories. Would love to read more.

    Thanks for staying in touch.

    Gail Jenner

  3. Heidi

    Thank you for reading my blog, and for your nice comments. Your book sounds really cool. I like your blog – Growing up on a ranch sounds really cool – a lot of work, but cool nonetheless. Take care. Deana

  4. Great job, Heidi. Loved reading about your 1-room school, your horses, and Carnegie Hall.

  5. Happy New Year, Heidi. May 2009 be a great publishing year for you and all WWW members!

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