Snow, Floods & Mudslides

mudslideFirst we had 18 inches of snow that stayed for two weeks (that’s highly unusual in the Seattle area), now we are back to rain, mudslides and flooding.  This is a photo from the Skagit Valley Herald (provided by Rebekah Luttrell) from the Concrete area, about 15 miles east of I-5. Mudslides blocked the road today.

Life is never boring around here!

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  1. Ick! Sounds yucchy! We aren’t getting any rain down this way- and boy we sure could use it! Our dams and rivers are dry dry dry! Too bad we can’t siphon off a little of your wetness and transfere it to us!

  2. Looks very dangerous. Did you say you live in Washington?

  3. I saw that on the news! I am originally from Oregon and it boggles my mind to think of 20 miles of I-5 shut down. Certainly I don’t remember that type of flooding when I was a kid…

  4. Sounds like a typical Minnesota winter to me. I’ll see the grass again sometime in April. You be careful on those roads!

  5. I-yi-yi! Looks positively nasty! Hope you’re hunkered down, safe and warm.

  6. I thought we had it bad until I heard about you guys. I never saw so much ice around our curbs as there has been this year. Ice, snow, cold, no end to it. Tomorrow, another snow storm. Can’t stand it, neither can the dog, since we just throw her in the yard to do her thing instead of going on nice walks like before.

    Morgan Mandel

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