Foxy Cowgirl II


Looking through old photo albums today, I found a photo of my grandmother in her fox fur stole.

I’m not so sure I’d want to wear something like that, but apparently it was the rage.

The caption she wrote beneath the picture was “Hard-Boiled Toots.” I guess it’s because of the expression on her face.

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  1. I like a fur, I don’t know ’bout that one though! She did clean up nice!

  2. I love old photos. They capture moments that are poignant and wonderful — and will never come again.

  3. Sounds like your grandmother had a great sense of humor! And I have an antique mink stole passed down to me from my great aunt that is almost the exact same style as the one in the photograph, from what I can see.

  4. Great photo.
    My mom had a beaver collar on her going away coat for her wedding. I ended up with it and just kept it wrapped in tissue paper in a drawer. It was soft but I couldn’t see myself wearing it on anything.

  5. My Grandma had a mink- though it looked like a ferret or a weasel to me, that she thought was just the cats meow. It still had it’s claws and head with shiny black beads for eyes. That thing used to just creep me out. My precious Grandma actually threw that thing away in the 60’s when she read that animal rights activists were throwing blood on ladies with fur coats!
    Don’t you just love old photos! I can’t ever get enough of them, in fact I search the internet and antique fairs for pictures that others have thrown out! (inconceivable!)

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