Cowgirl Fashion–Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley could shoot the head off a running quail when she was annie-oakley1twelve years old, once  knocked the ashes off a cigarette Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, was holding in his mouth, and became the most famous woman performer to ever appear in a Wild West show.

She toured with Buffalo Bill for 17 years as an expert marksman.

All of this while wearing dresses.

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  1. Way to go, Annie Oakley!

  2. Annie Oakley is one of my heros- especially since I am also a shootist. No way I could ever be as good as she, but dang if I don’t think of her every time I load up!

  3. Go Annie! She’s one of my favorite historical women figures. where do you get all these WONDERFUL pictures? Google? Private collection? Really cool.

  4. What a fashion plate! I wonder why she wore dresses. I always thought she dressed like a man.


  5. So the Kaiser didn’t mind getting shot at? Wow.

  6. If you aver get a chance, visit the museum in Greenville, Oh and see a lot of Annie’s things. There is an Annie Oakley festival in August there too. It’s near her birthday. I’ve been to here gravesite, too. She lived there when Ohio was the wild West!

  7. WAY TO GO ANNIE!!! I dont have much paitents for dresses, and yet this girl roamed around in dresses and carried a gun! She makes the trumanator look like a pansey!

  8. WAY TO GO ANNIE! I dont have much paitents for dresses, and yet this girl walked around in dresses and carried a gun. She makes the termanator look like a pansey!

  9. Annie Oakley just knocks me out. She’s the original class act. Wasn’t just her uncanny marks(wo?)manship, but also her appearnace and more importantly the unassuming way in which she carried herself should make her anyone’s all-time favorite.

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