Would You Eat Horsemeat?

A poll from the Cattlegrower blog:

horseIt has been shown that horsemeat is low in fat,low in cholesterol and high in protein- overall a better quality of meat than beef.

If horse meat were readily available in the U.S., would you be inclined to try it?

Yes, I would 41% (39 votes)

No, I would not. 59% (55 votes)

What do YOU say?

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  1. Absolutely under no circumstances other than starvation. I don’t mind if other people want to eat it, but I am not going to.

  2. Well, if I had no other choice. But not as a matter of course.

  3. No, under no circumstances short of starvation. It’s against our culture, and is on par with eating dogs and cats.

    Also, the horses being slaughtered are previously worked horses. The things fed to them (dewormer, medications, etc.) are NOT meant for human consumption, and there is no way of checking on them since they’re not ordinarily thought of as food. So if you eat horse you might be fine, or you might die.

    Just don’t eat it. It’s not as good for you as it sounds >.<

  4. Nope, I could never, ever, eat horse, cat, dog….in fact, sometimes, I have a hard enough time with cattle. I hope I never marry a cattle rancher, LOL! 😉

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