Banned Books Week

bksThis is Banned Books Week. What is your favorite banned book? I keep coming back to Huck Finn. That’s the way they talked in those days, folks! Harry Potter banned? This series got kids reading again. The controversy in any of these books can be an opportunity for meaningful dialogue between parents and kids.

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  1. I always loved “Scary Stories” and “Bless Me, Ultima.” “Scary Stories” DID scare the living daylights out of me as a kid, but hey, so did diabetes and the Cold War. No reason to ban a book because it’s scary…

  2. Well my bet is that the soon to be banned book will be the Bible the way this country is going. But Mark Twain? Yeah – he wrote with honesty (and no personal bigotry) within the times he lived and I think it’s a shame modern day people can’t read his books and get the good messages he delivered withoug getting all hung up on a few “N” words that were commonplace in his day.

    The Old Silly

  3. I think banning books is so Farenheit 454. And I hate it. What sort of history are people missing out on? The life and times of society during a certain era. It was what it was. History is bound to repeat itself if it is not first understood and studied. We should learn from our past mistakes.

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