Sergeant Reckless: A Warhorse Hero

Here is a bit of history I’ll bet you’ve never known. I hadn’t heard of Reckless, the war hero horse. She was a little Mongolian sorrel purchased by an American Lieutenant for $250, and she proved her worth many times over. LIFE Magazine even included her in a write-up about the top heroes of all time.

View the video about Sergeant Reckless.

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  1. Great story. $250 was really a lot of money in those days, especially on a soldier’s pay. He must have seen real potential in Reckless.

  2. Thanks, Heidi, for this special story. Will you do the children’s book on Reckless? It’s wating for someone to do so.

    • Sounds like it would be a wonderful story. Something to think about!

      • Hi there,
        My name is Robin Hutton, and thanks so much for posting my video of Reckless here! Please check out the Reckless fan club page, where there are over 1430 members. Just an FYI – I have written a book and screenplay on Reckless, and have a children’s book in the works as well. I think it will make a beautiful illustrated children’s story too! God bless you all, and please join us at the Fan Club! We’re putting together a national memorial statue for her as well – visit us at!

      • Thanks for stopping by, Robin. I just loved this story. I’m glad you are writing books about Reckless. Someone suggested that it would make a great children’s story. I’ll pop over to the Fan page too!

  3. Hi Heidi,
    Just watched the video on the war horse. How amazing and what a wonderful hero. There so many more heroes out there that I’m sure we haven’t head about. Thanks for sharing. Judy

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