“Proud to Be Here” with Trace Adkins

My husband and I had the privilege of attending a concert at the Lynden WA fair, where country singer Trace Adkins put on a great show.

I like his new CD, “Proud to Be Here,” and love the deep bass voice. One of my favorites on his new album and one he sang last night was “Just Fishin’,” talking about fishing with his daughter and what that means to him. He also teams up with Blake Shelton on this CD with “If I was a Woman,” a fun song poking fun at each other.

One thing I can’t figure out about concerts, indoors or out, is why the speakers are turned up so loud that you can physically feel the bass thumping against your chest. And we are there to hear the singer, but we couldn’t really hear him very well because of that. Is it the venue organizers or is it because the band is accustomed to playing in bigger arenas?

I did enjoy being there, being part of an enthusiastic crowd, and seeing Adkins in person. Just wish I could’ve recognized my favorite songs a little easier.

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  1. Oh, lucky you, getting to see Trace. He’s one of my favorites, too.

  2. I saw Blake Shelton on the TV show The Voice and really liked his personality there — then found out that he’s also the singer of several of my favourite songs, including “Austin,” when I looked him up on YouTube. I like “Just Fishin'” by Trace Atkins too. And I agree with you about the volume at concerts — seriously too loud most of the time. I don’t like it when the music overwhelms the lyrics so you can’t heard what the artists are singing about.

    • I like Blake Shelton too. My favorite of his is “Home.” And his current hit, “Honey Bee,” is a fun one–I get it stuck in my head some days!

  3. I also wonder why the speakers have to be cranked up so high. It does, in my opinion, detract from the songs and the music. Loud seems to have moved in to stay, although I hope not. This reminds me of dances we used to go to when the music was so loud that sitting one out had no appeal because you had to shout to carry on a conversation.

  4. My opinion is that the singer always wants his or her voice to be heard, but inept sound engineers sometimes don’t understand that concept. We went to see Santana at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas and the bass was so overpowering you could not hear Carlos’s guitar! We paid good $ for the tickets, but left early because it was so deafening. I enjoy both Blake and Trace, too.

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