Women Writing the West

Alice Trego, Arletta Dawdy, Randi Platt, Mary Trimble at registration

This year’s Women Writing the West conference is once again history. And once again, I come away with an uplifted spirit after meeting old friends and making new ones, creative encouragement, and many new tidbits of information to digest and use in my writing and marketing endeavors.

Heidi, Randi Platt, Mary Trimble

The conference was in Washington state, where I live, and I had the honor of helping our Conference VP, Mary Trimble, plan this event. We started more than a year ago lining up speakers, workshop presenters, and looking at hotel venues. The year progressed, with a new deadline nearly every month, until the last 3-4 weeks turned into an all-consuming, nearly 24-7 effort to weave all our efforts together and tie off the loose ends.

Highlights included the luncheon honoring the WILLA finalist recipients and a humorous, entertaining keynote speech by Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl. The Saturday evening banquet for WILLA winners was also a special highlight for me, as I received my lovely trophy for Follow the Dream. Author and poet Ellen Waterston was our keynote speaker that evening.

Another highlight was having my publisher, Lee Emory of Treble Heart Books, family and friends there to see the awards ceremony.

Lee Emory, Marylou Thomas, Heidi and Janet Oakley


Mary and I are now breathing sighs of relief and contentment after a successful endeavor. Thanks to all the members who made this possible. I look forward to seeing you all again next year in Albuquerque, NM!

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  1. Oh, it was a time! You, Mary and the others all did a bang-up job for this conference. I had a grand time tho’ missing the Friday outing and some sessions.
    I was rewarded nicely with exciting responses to Randi’s reading of my First Page in “Pick me! Pick me!” Hope that feature is repeated next year. And we raised $730 for the WILLA fund. I’m grateful to all who contributed and made it possible to add so much.

    • It was fun, wasn’t it? You did a great job as our raffle chair! I’m happy for you regarding the first-page reading. That was an interesting, fun exercise.

  2. Lovely article, Heidi. Thank you. And…what can I say? You were such a valuable member of our conference team! Although it was a lot of work, this WWW conference was a valuable experience and one I’ll never forget. Thank you for all your support and time. I can’t imagine doing it without you.

  3. So glad I could come to the awards ceremony. So proud of you Heidi.

  4. I should have paid more attention to conference deets – might have actually made the trek to Washington. I really need an excuse to visit the PNW. Congrats, Heidi. We need to have some at the BRP review this book. In January if we do a theme about book awards and prizes maybe?

    • Thanks, Dani. That would be fun!

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