A Fine February

Heidi sits in sun 2_20_14I used to hate February. It was the longest month of the year. When I was a kid in Montana, February often meant sky-high snowdrifts. When I lived in Northwest Washington, February was gray, cold, windy and rainy. Oh, and did I mention dark? Also, did I mention I have S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?

Last February, our first in Arizona, was on the cold side, with a couple of snow storms, but over all sunny. This year, oh my gosh–into the 70s last week, 62 today. That’s considered “summer” during two weeks in August in WA! No more S.A.D.!

Today, I got a bit chilled sitting at my computer, so I went outside to warm up! If it hadn’t been for a slight breeze, I might have been comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt!

My apologies to my family and friends in the frigid North. But I’m loving this!

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  1. Heidi,
    Don’t apologize for leaving us poor souls in the frigid Northwest. We are learning to build igloos after all. The problem is that since it was 60 degrees on Friday our igloos melted. Not to worry though, it was snowing on Saturday. We should have enough ice blocks by Wednesday to rebuild.
    I wish I could move back to Montana where it is WARM and winter is but a pleasant memory for nine months of the year. Instead, I am still living in this frozen wasteland called Washington where summer happens once every decade or so, if you happen to be there that day. The only time I get to experience a real summer is when I go back to Montana in July. Oh, the lovely, and pleasant 100 degree temperatures with 20 percent humidity. My aching bones yearn for it.
    As you know so well, I’m pulling your leg a bit, but not a lot.

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