June Round Robin: An Explosive Scene

Round Robin bannerThis excerpt is from Follow the Dream, book two in my “Cowgirl Dreams” trilogy. Jake and Nettie have tried to put on a rodeo but had low attendance and poor earnings, so many cowboys didn’t get paid or were paid very little. I don’t have many “big” explosive moments in my novels, but this was fun to write.

A funereal mood enveloped Nettie along with the smell of stale cigarettes and yeasty beer when they walked though the swinging doors of the Ranchers Bar. She braced herself. This was the last place she wanted to be. She wished they could just go home.

Usually, after a rodeo, the saloon rollicked with laughter and shouts as the cowboys relived the highlights of their rides, embellishing the successes with each telling. Today the crowd was hushed. Men sat hunched over their drinks, and only a few forced laughs punctuated the low murmur.

Jake and Nettie settled on stools at the bar, and Jake summoned the bartender. “A round for the house, on me.” He downed his whiskey in one gulp, then turned to the room. “Gents, ladies, I’m very sorry about today’s poor purse. I’d like to buy you a drink to make it up to you.”

The pitch of the conversation rose a notch. Somebody shouted. “Hear, hear.”Dream Cover Final

“That’s the least you can do.” Another voice sang out.

A burly cowboy stepped up beside Jake. “It’ll take more’n one drink to make up for this.” With the speed of a rattlesnake, he drove his fist into Jake’s jaw.

“No!” Nettie shouted.

Jake’s head rocked back and he fell against the bar. His hand came up instinctively to feel for the damage to his face. Driving his weight forward, Jake ducked under a second punch. His return jab glanced off the cowboy’s shoulder. The man spun to the side. He recovered his balance with a roundhouse to Jake’s upraised arm.

The room erupted into a mare’s nest of shouts and commotion. The crowd surged forward to surround the two men. Nettie scrambled over the top of the bar, her drink flying, to land beside the bartender. She grabbed his arm. “Help. Stop them!”

He merely shrugged.

The two men rolled on the floor. Grunts punctuated slaps. She couldn’t tell who was landing punches where. The burly cowboy had Jake down.

No, now Jake rolled on top. He punched the cowboy in the nose. Blood squirted.

The cowboy heaved Jake off and swung a left to Jake’s eye. The onlookers shouted encouragement. “Git ’im. Punch his lights out.”

Nettie screamed. The din and confusion overwhelmed her with total helplessness. This couldn’t be happening. She had to stop this insanity. Where were the other women? Gone. No help from them.

Nettie slipped from behind the bar and out the back door. Her boot heels thundering on the wooden sidewalk, she ran down the street to the Sheriff’s office and yanked open the door.

“Bar fight. Help!” she yelled and ran back to the saloon. Sheriff Ingram lumbered behind.


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  1. Exciting times, Heidi. I so remember bar fights from my early Western tv watching.
    I’m also in this month’s blog round-up, but seem to have come out of your list. Novels Now is here: http://goo.gl/ILNek6 if any of your readers would care to drop by. Anne Stenhouse

    • Sorry I left you off the list, Anne. My hubby’s in the hospital and I forgot to update the list.

      • Hi Heidi, sorry to hear your husband is so unwell. I do hope he makes good progress.
        Don’t give the update a second thought, Anne

  2. Your mention of rodeo brought back memories. I created some posters for a respected rodeo, but the guy running it was a shyster. I think that ended up in a brawl, too, but not in a bar. I felt the tension in your scene.

  3. I’ve always hated watching fights…they scare me. I was the only kid on the playground who ran AWAY from any fights. And I hated watching bar brawls in westerns. Which is really funny since when I was a kid, there were lots of girls my age on my block and we regularly got into fist fights, punching each other, scratching, even leaving permanent scars on each other. I guess watching reminds me of that anger and pain and I don’t want to experience that again.

    Interesting excerpt.

  4. Great, passionate scene and good writing, Heidi.

  5. Wow…that as explosive all right. Loved every moment of it, and you captured it with words and pulled the reader in, for sure.

  6. Felt and saw the fireworks through your eyes and words.
    Hope your husband gets well soon.

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