Round Robin: Jo March, A Most Memorable Character

Welcome to this Round Robin blog hop. Our topic this month is a character that wouldn’t leave our minds long after we’ve read a book.

Little WomenJo March from Little Women is a memorable character for me. I loved the book and all the characters. Each was an example of strength and resilience in the face of hardship and adversity.

But Jo stands out to me, first of course because she was a writer. Despite disapproval of her chosen avocation, she perseveres, and eventually writes and publishes a book about her family.

I identify with her also because she was quite independent—nobody tells her what she “must” do, and because she wasLIttle Men a “tomboy.” I was raised on a ranch and followed my dad around, helped him ride and do various ranch and farm chores. In our isolated community I didn’t have other girls my age to pal around with and I was six years older than my brother. So I made up my own stories, imaginary playmates, and fun.

It’s been many years since I’ve read Little Women, Little men and Jo’s Boys, but maybe it’s time to go back an revisit my memorable character!

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  1. Gotta admit – Jo was my favorite character from Little Women, too. For all the same reasons you mention, mostly because she was a tomboy, which I very definitely could relate to.

  2. I don’t remember ever having read Little Women although I remember Louisa M Alcott’s name. I know I saw the movie way back when. I think I’m due for a library visit!

  3. Another character I’d forgotten! Loved the Jo and her sisters.

    • I know–your topic made me stop and think awhile!! Thanks!

  4. Hullo Heidi, I loved all the books, too, when I was upper primary school age. For me, of course, the US setting was exciting. anne stenhouse

  5. I loved Jo!! Forgot about her. I think any young girl who dreamed of being a writer or found herself putting on imaginary personas found a friend in Jo March.

  6. I just read that there’s a NEW Little Women movie coming out. All of us admirers of Jo should watch for it. I liked the way you identified with her Living outside of Boston, we hear a lot about the March family and their house is open for tours. Come visit!

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