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Not long ago I had a very nice review written on Cowgirl Dreams by Jill Williamson on Goodreads.com. Then one day, as I scrolled through my “Google Alerts” messages for “Cowgirl Dreams,” I found the following post. Apparently it was translated into another language and then re-translated back into English, probably using computer translation software. It’s actually quite hilarious to see the equivalent words and phrases it came up with. Note my last name (no idea how Meter came from Thomas) and the name of my publisher, Treble Heart Books…

Reappraisal: Cowgirl Dreams by Heidi Meter

Reappraisal by Jill Williamson

Therein 1920 ‘s coming-of-age western, fourteen-year-old Nettie Brady desires to be a cowgirl to a higher degree anything. Her mother considers that it Holds overly unsafe for a fille and that Nettie demands to be larning how to maintain a place. But Nettie hates stitching and cookery. Justly sitting gives her pleasance in life. She makes n’t ever desire to be some slow homemaker lodged inside all day.

As Nettie turns upward, she gets some chances to attend the rodeo, but her mother makes n’t look to soften much to the thought. The summertime of her 16th yr, Nettie get Holds a business sitting horses for a well-favored immature cowpoke called Jake. Her feelings for Jake turn over clip, and Nettie gets to worry. She makes n’t desire to be bound downwards to anyone, but she Holds ne’er holded feelings like this for anyone. Could Jake be the one for her? And if so, would that intend she ‘d should give upward her dreaming of being a rodeo cowgirl?

This was a merriment narration. I cared seeing Nettie ‘s path on a 1920 ‘s spread. I loved the polite fashion people handled each other back so. The rodeo scenes were interesting and I was rooting for Nettie to had best. It was playfulness to read about horses you bet they got developed. I likewise wished the romance and Nettie ‘s position on not desiring to get bound downward in matrimony. I happened her standard refreshing, and sweetly naive. I likewise admired her finding and passionateness for sitting, but her noncompliance got a trifle frustrating. Initially I maked n’t mind this about her. She was immature then raddled to sitting that it add up that she ‘d locomote against her parents. But after a patch, it but beleaguer me and doed her less appealing. Like she was throwing conniption if she maked n’t get her manner. Disregarding, I advocate this tale to misses who love sitting horses, rodeo, and a bit old Occident romance.

Age Orbit: 16 and upwards
Genre: Historical Fiction
Constituent of a Series: no
Pages: 260
Publisher: Soprano Bosom Books
Relinquished: 2008

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