Bye-Bye Penske

After three days of cool, rainy and windy weather in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, we finally crossed the line into Florida and sunshine! We had been driving through corridors of pines through several states and seeing lush, green pastures and cattle. It’s funny, because when you think of Florida you normally think of beaches or swamps, not cattle ranches. I couldn’t help but think what my dad and our neighbors would’ve given for such lush green grass. But on the other hand, eastern Montana does have some of the most nutrient-rich grass in the nation, even though it’s green only a few months of the year. In fact, during WWII, the Armed Services requested Montana grain because it was so rich in protein.

St. Pete's Beach

We decided to spend a “down” day in St. Pete’s Beach and the weather cooperated nicely, allowing us to spend the afternoon at the beach. It was good not to have to pack up and lug suitcases in and out of a new hotel for at least one night.

The next day: Frostproof and the end of the 3,040-mile journey, unloading the match equipment and saying Good-Bye to Penske Truck! Hooray. We picked up a “normal” Ford Escape and commenced the last few days in vacation mode.

Cherry Pocket

We ended up eating twice at a funky and fun restaurant called the Cherry Pocket Steak and Seafood Shak, in the middle of a fishing camp near Lake Wales, FL. We sat outside, enjoyed the warm evening and a singers with guitars, playing “oldie-goldies.” Great food, fun atmosphere. We highly recommend it!

Our last port-o-call, Boca Raton, where Dave’s Navy buddy, George and his wife, Francoise, live. We had a great visit, wonderful walks on the beach and outdoor dining at the Patio Bar and Grill, overlooking Deerfield Beach. Our friends took us to see “Butterfly World“–what a fun and fabulous place that is!

All too soon, our cross-country journey came to an end.

We left Florida in 80-degree weather, wading in the surf and walking on the sand.

Deerfield Beach in Boca Raton, FL

And we woke up the next morning to this “welcome home” sight!

"Welcome Home"

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