Meet the Ladies Behind Cowgirl Life Radio and TV

prescott-family01Last week I was a guest on Cowgirl Life Radio. I wanted to reciprocate and to introduce my readers to the talented young women behind the radio and Cowgirl TV shows. Today I’m talking with Kadi Prescott, who blogs at Womb at the Innsane and Glam Sahm, from Apron Strings to Stillettos.

1. How did the two of you meet and become business partners?
Danielle and I met at an online mom community and ended up working on a project together. We hit it off really well and decided to start a few new projects on our own.

2. How did you get the idea for a radio and a TV show?
The first project that we worked on was a radio show for moms. We both felt that there were a million mom focused radio shows out there already and the greater need was for a different kind of show. We just were not sure what direction to go in. It took us awhile to find our niche. After Haute Cowgirl became so successful, we saw that potential for a multi media source of western related news and fashion. My extensive background in writing and social media, combined with Danielle’s brilliance in business and passion for the western lifestyle just seemed to fit well. We teamed up and decided to take Western Glamour Media into a new realm…the internet.cowgirlliferadiojpg

3. What are your goals with the programs?
We have three goals: Connect, educate and inspire. We have the common goal of building an online community where all cowgirls can go to share their lifestyle with the world. Danielle and I see the gross lack of exposure for a lifestyle that this country was built on. We think that it is high time to educated the masses on the fact that western living and agriculture are not dead. We would like to eventually get syndicated and be able to branch out into a television reality series on Cowgirl Living. We would also like to see Haute Cowgirl help western fashion meld with main stream fashion.

cowgirl-tv4. Do you live on a ranch? Were you raised on a ranch?
Ironically, no. In fact, I am about as un-cowgirl as you can get. My mom is heavily involved in the western lifestyle and it literally helped her come out of a mental breakdown during the divorce from my dad. She met wonderful people who took her in and introduced her to the cowgirl life, during a time when she felt like she had nothing left to live for. I saw the transformation and was fascinated by the effect that western and equestrian living had on her. When I met Danielle, it just boosted my desire to learn more about everything and I am loving the people I have met!

5.  Do you participate in rodeos or other equestrian events?
I have never even sat atop a horse. Go ahead and laugh. I have to overcome my fear. I am determined to. My kids have done mutton bustin’ (riding sheep like bulls) and we love going to watch rodeos, but that is as far as I’ve gotten in my equestrian ventures!

6. Do you have a background in the fashion industry or just an avid interest?
Both. Kind of. I am a self proclaimed shopaholic and lover of fashion. I studied it for awhile but ended up pregnant and spent all of my twenties having my babies. I am a Glambassador for Glamour Magazine this year and so excited about the opportunity to cover fashion related events. It will satiate my inner fashionista! I would love to be the first designer to ever take a western fashion line, tweak it, add some city girl touches and sell it to a major brand. In fact, I think that will be on our “To Do” list, right Danielle?

What else would you like people to know about you?
I think it is important to convey that Danielle and I are work-at-home moms who set our priorities on being our children’s only nurturers. In a generation that is so callused towards the importance of mothers who stay home, it is crucial that we show the world our ability to raise our own kids and accomplish great things outside of motherhood. It speaks volumes about fostering the same ideals that were held by our ancestors.

Join us tomorrow when I visit with Danielle Hayes, the other half of the Cowgirl Life duo.

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