Authors Make Things Happen

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There are lead­ers and there are followers.

There are con­trib­u­tors and there are takers.

Some bring oxy­gen and oth­ers expel CO2.

Some pour con­crete and oth­ers inscribe their ini­tials in it.

Progress is made when the ener­getic meet the enablers.

Advo­cates make things hap­pen while hoop-holders sti­fle progress.

When there are too many sen­tinels, sen­tries and guards in posi­tion of author­ity, there is lit­tle progress. Gate­keep­ers sti­fle growth.

It has been said that the world can be divided into three types of people. Those peo­ple who make things happen. Those peo­ple who watch things happen. And the largest group of all, those peo­ple who won­der what happened.

Authors make things happen.

Start writ­ing that book today!

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