Who Were These Old West Gunslingers?

GunfightWe’ve all heard of these Old West gunslingers by their fabled names. Do you know what their real names were? Here are the famous names:

  1. Billy the Kid
  2. Butch Cassidy
  3. Calamity Jane
  4. Buffalo Bill
  5. Belle Starr
  6. Annie Oakley
  7. John Wayne

Here are their real names. Match them to the list above. Don’t cheat now!

a. Myra Shirley

b. Robert Parker

c. Martha Canary

d. William McCarty

e. William Cody

f. Phoebe Moses

g. Marion Morrison

How well did you do?


Here are the answers: 1-d, 2-b,3-c,4-e,5-a,6-f,7-g.

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