Jane Austen’s Fight Club

I want to share this comedic YouTube video, Jane Austen’s Fight Club and some thoughts as to how it relates to writing. This new viral video combines romantic fiction and underground fighting in the trailer for a faux movie about Austen’s favorite heroines – Lizzy Bennett, Emma Woodhouse and the Dashwood sisters – who are no longer in “good society.”

It serves to remind me, when you are writing a story–whether it is a romance, a thriller, a memoir, or a mystery–you need conflict. Otherwise, it’s just a “nice little story,” kind of boring, not much to it. Life is filled with conflict. Readers expect it.

So, take a tip from “Fight Club,” send your inner “nice guy” out for ice cream and figure out just how mean you can be to your character. Conflict is the key to keeping a story moving, to shoring it up. You’ve introduced your character and the problem she has to solve. You know what the goal is at the end.

Have fun with it.

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