The Mystery of the Missing___

Has anyone ever figured out the “mystery of the missing sock?” You know, when you put a perfectly good matched pair of detectivesocks in the wash and then by the time you take them out of the dryer, one is missing?

When we moved to Arizona, we lived in a furnished rental cottage for nearly three months. There, every single time I did laundry, I had a least one missing sock! I did eventually find them—sometimes one fell behind the machine, other times it got stuck inside another item of clothing, or maybe it just sneaked under the bed. But when we moved into our permanent home, I haven’t had a problem since (knock on wood—as soon as I say this, I’ll start losing socks again!)

The other mystery is how do things get lost when you move? I packed up everything and was good about labeling the boxes. We had movers load everything and it was stored for 3 months until we moved into our house. They had a detailed list and every box was numbered and had to be accounted for before they left.

But I’m missing weird things. Things that wouldn’t necessarily have been packed in the same box—in the event that a box was lost (which it doesn’t appear to have happened).

Things like my flatiron for my hair. Why I wouldn’t have packed it in the stuff for my 3-month rental stay, I don’t know, but I frying_pan_clip_art_didn’t. Then there’s my cast iron skillet. It wasn’t in the boxes with the rest of the pots and pans and I cannot find it anywhere. A framed photograph of my husband and me, taken for our church directory, was not in the box with the other three. A small green plastic wastebasket never turned up. My heavy scotch tape dispenser for my desk. None of these things should have been packed in the same box. But where are they?

I haven’t a clue.

What are some things you’ve “lost” and did you ever find them?

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