The History of Jeans

levi-jeansThese days jeans (or overalls as they used to be known) are acceptable wear nearly everywhere you go. Don a pair of black ones, top with a spiffy jacket and you’re ready for a dinner date.

Home-bleached, stone-washed, acid-washed, dark-wash. Bootcut, relaxed fit, mid-rise, low-rise, hip-huggers. Five-button Levis, bell-bottoms, skinny-leg, straight-leg. New and creased, old and baggy, fashionably “distressed. We’ve run the gamut and back on styles.

I just ran across a very interesting and informative article entitled “The History of Overalls” written by Susan Jones on her blog at the Cattle Grower Network. Check it out. It’ll make you look at your closet staple in a different way.

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