Women Writing the West

Alice Trego, Arletta Dawdy, Randi Platt, Mary Trimble at registration

This year’s Women Writing the West conference is once again history. And once again, I come away with an uplifted spirit after meeting old friends and making new ones, creative encouragement, and many new tidbits of information to digest and use in my writing and marketing endeavors.

Heidi, Randi Platt, Mary Trimble

The conference was in Washington state, where I live, and I had the honor of helping our Conference VP, Mary Trimble, plan this event. We started more than a year ago lining up speakers, workshop presenters, and looking at hotel venues. The year progressed, with a new deadline nearly every month, until the last 3-4 weeks turned into an all-consuming, nearly 24-7 effort to weave all our efforts together and tie off the loose ends.

Highlights included the luncheon honoring the WILLA finalist recipients and a humorous, entertaining keynote speech by Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl. The Saturday evening banquet for WILLA winners was also a special highlight for me, as I received my lovely trophy for Follow the Dream. Author and poet Ellen Waterston was our keynote speaker that evening.

Another highlight was having my publisher, Lee Emory of Treble Heart Books, family and friends there to see the awards ceremony.

Lee Emory, Marylou Thomas, Heidi and Janet Oakley


Mary and I are now breathing sighs of relief and contentment after a successful endeavor. Thanks to all the members who made this possible. I look forward to seeing you all again next year in Albuquerque, NM!

A White Christmas

snow_patioIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in the normally rain-laden Seattle area. We don’t always get snow here in the winter, but it snowed several inches last Saturday. The temperature stayed in the low to mid-20s until yesterday, when it started snowing again.  And it’s still coming down as I write this at noon on Thursday, Dec. 18.

This brings back fond memories of growing up in eastern Montana. I remember being snowed in at Christmas, playing board games with my family, reading (of course!), drinking hot chocolate and eating Christmas cookies. I love the soft, quiet beauty of snow and the enforced slow-down of a too-hectic schedule.

What I don’t miss is shoveling, driving in ice and snow, minus 50-degree temperatures with blizzard conditions (and going out to feed cows regardless!) and bundling up in so many layers that I could hardly waddle.

But when you’ve grown up in Montana, there is something special about a White Christmas! Happy Holidays, all!


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