Bursting into Spring

Spring literally blossoms with metaphors about rebirth, new life, and new beginnings. It is my favorite season and is especially meaningful to me.

One reason is because I grew up on a ranch in eastern Montana and celebrated the release of snowbound winters with warm sunshine, hills rolling with green grass and quilted with wildflowers, and I witnessed the birth of new calves.

Another reason is one I discovered when I moved to Missoula in the western part of the state. Missoula is located in the bottom of a mountain valley and in the winter, it experiences the same type of weather inversions as the LA basin. Because of this, although winters there are more temperate than eastern Montana, it is often cloudy for weeks on end. That is when I discovered that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)

Now I live in the Pacific Northwest, where it is more often cloudy and rainy all winter than not. In spring, I feel like the tulip that flourishes here, reawakening after a long winter’s hibernation.

Like a Tulip

Like a tulip, I awaken

Reaching up toward the warmth

Straightening my curled-in body

Pushing away the heaviness of the winter soil

Like a tulip, I awaken

Stretching my arms to the sun

My eyes open as the petals

Squinting at first, then opening wide

Like a tulip, I awaken

Hearing the buzzing of the bees

Sensing the grass grow

Feeling the earthworms move

I am the tulip, as I awaken

Reveling in the sunshine

Embracing its glow, its warmth

I am the tulip, as I blossom in the spring

Spring Has Sprung!

100_0212The tulips are done and the rhodies, azaleas, and lilacs are in bloom!

Rhodie & lilacs1Spring is probably the best time of year in the Pacific Northwest because it comes early. When I lived in Montana, winter seemed to last forever and spring was slow in making an appearance. I hear Montana and North Dakota have recently had more snow.

So here are some photos to give you hope! Spring is on the way, honest!Azalea

I love this peach-colored azalea. It literally glows on those cloudy, rainy days. I almost don’t need the sun with this bush outside my window. (Well, maybe that’s not quite accurate!)

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