My guest today is action suspense writer, Stephen Tremp. He is the author of Breakthrough, and has four more suspense thrillers to follow.

Hi everyone. First, I want to thank each and every one of you for contributing to and supporting my blog over these past few months. Without you, I could not consider this endeavor to be a success. My success as an author depends so much on support from individuals like you. And I trust I’ve been able to reciprocate and contribute to your success as well.
That being said, I’m going to ask you for your help. So take a moment to refill your cup of coffee, or wine, take a deep breath, close your eyes and say a few ummmmmssssss, and put on your creative hats, you’re imaginative and innovative cloaks, and your resourceful undergarments. Hmmm, let’s change that to capes. 

Okay, I need a breakthrough as there is one particular section of the next installment of the Breakthrough series entitled Opening that I am struggling with. I need an awesome jailhouse escape. Not a ho hum, seen it before, boring jail escape. But something spectacular, preferably involving cutting edge technology. But hey, a simple, clever rouse would work just as well.

I’ll give a little insight on the scenario. The protagonist needs to break out a particular M.I.T. professor from Suffolk County Jail in Boston, MA who has been arrested for murder. The breakout is necessary as Chase needs the professor’s help to prevent a certain heinous act from occurring and save thousands of lives. This is the modern jail that opened in 1990 on Nashua Street replacing the previous Charles County jail built in 1851. This is a state of the art facility, and the professor is deep in the bowels of the jail, so I need a series of clever events to bust out Prof. Fischer.

I feel confident in asking you for your help. I’ve known you for a long time and read your blogs and read your comments on my blog as well as other blogs. I have faith, brothers and sisters. I believe! I do declare that during these next few days, someone(s) will leave a comment regarding a jailhouse breakout that will be, well, cool and awesome, leaving the reader thinking, “Wow! That was cool and awesome!”

Thanks again every one. You’re the best. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment with an idea for a jailhouse breakout, big or small. Every little bit helps.

Stephen blogs at Breakthrough Blogs . There you can find links to purchase or download his book BREAKTHROUGH.

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