A White Christmas

snow_patioIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in the normally rain-laden Seattle area. We don’t always get snow here in the winter, but it snowed several inches last Saturday. The temperature stayed in the low to mid-20s until yesterday, when it started snowing again.  And it’s still coming down as I write this at noon on Thursday, Dec. 18.

This brings back fond memories of growing up in eastern Montana. I remember being snowed in at Christmas, playing board games with my family, reading (of course!), drinking hot chocolate and eating Christmas cookies. I love the soft, quiet beauty of snow and the enforced slow-down of a too-hectic schedule.

What I don’t miss is shoveling, driving in ice and snow, minus 50-degree temperatures with blizzard conditions (and going out to feed cows regardless!) and bundling up in so many layers that I could hardly waddle.

But when you’ve grown up in Montana, there is something special about a White Christmas! Happy Holidays, all!


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