Cowgirl Life Interview, Part II

daniellehayesToday I’m talking with Danielle Hayes, the other half of the Cowgirl Life Radio and TV duo. Her blog is Haute Cowgirl.

On becoming business partners:

Kadi and I worked on another project together and I was instantly drawn to her fabulous personality. We became instant friends and  I knew I could trust her. Trust is a HUGE thing with me and business. When the idea to further develop my company she was the first person I thought of to have on this adventure with me.

The idea for a radio and a TV show:

We had worked on another radio show together and knew we had really great chemistry on air together. So we talked long and hard about developing a show that was different from the typical “wahm mom” show and with how Haute Cowgirl was growing, we realized that we had the perfect niche that needed to be filled. With Cowgirl TV, we thought it would be fun to showcase a view into a cowgirl’s life and the fabulous events that occur within the western lifestyle.

Goals with the programs:

Just like Kadi stated, Connect, educate and inspire. I want people outside cowgirlliferadiojpg1the western lifestyle to really develop an appreciation of our lifestyle. I want to help other cowgirls find an online community because there is strength in numbers. And I want to inspire women to really pursue their dreams and passions. Both Kadi and I believe with all our hearts in what we are doing (even though we can get cowgirl-tv1a bit silly or wild) I have so much passion for the western lifestyle and ag community and I want our sites to be a place for like-minded people to speak about what they are passionate about.

Do you live on a ranch? Were you raised on a ranch?

I grew up on a farm in Great Falls, Montana where I swore I would leave the country life as soon as I could. I went away to college, traveled extensively around the USA, then found myself missing a simpler way of life.

When I met my husband who was very active in many areas of horses and agriculture I found myself brought back to my roots so to speak. Now we live on a ranch in Washington where my husband trains cutting horses.

Do you participate in rodeos or other equestrian events?

I grew up riding dressage and three day eventing. Now that I am married to a cutter, I am honing my skills atop cutting horses. I ride everyday and can’t imagine my life without our horses in it. It’s not just the horses that get you addicted, it’s the whole lifestyle. I love the people involved–they are truly our extended family. And of course the energy at events is amazing and inspiring. I love the fact that tradition remains at so many of these events.

Do you have a background in the fashion industry or just an avid interest?

I have always been a “fashionista” I worked for several smaller designers and photographers as a stylist before I was married. It was when we moved to Texas for my husband to apprentice with a bigger trainer that the idea of highlighting western fashion born. I started mostly just to give me something to do while my husband was on the road but its turned into something so much bigger and keeps growing what seems like daily.

What else would you like people to know about you?

I want people to first and foremost remember I am a mom. My son is my top priority and he is here with me every step of the way. So yeah, you may hear toddler moments at times on air. But if anyone can understand that family comes first, it’s those who appreciate the western lifestyle. Also we have an obligation to preserve this lifestyle, its something that should not be lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. But all of us in the western lifestyle need to use all this new technology to get the word out that our community is strong.

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  1. Cool interview, Heidi! It’s neat to read about Danielle’s perspective as radio host, blogger, cowgirl, and mom.

  2. Great interview. Danielle is a doll! 😉 And an inspiration to bloggers, cowgirls, and mommies!

  3. Good luck on your book tour. Looking forward to it. A great write up on Danielle. Come visit me sometime.

    Gwyn Ramsey

  4. Thanks for interviewing both of these fabulous women!

  5. nice post

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